Maybe Never by Sadie Allen

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Sadie Allen
Title: Maybe Never
Genre: contemporary, romance, ya
Published: February 21st 2017 by Sadie Allen
Goodreads: Maybe Never
Amazon: Maybe Never(affiliate link)

Received from NetGalley

Maybe Never is beautiful contemporary romance about two people, who have it really rough. Judd Jackson went from having it all. He was the most popular guy, with friends, hot girlfriend, and scholarship to college. After his father came out as transgender, he became the most bullied guy in the school. His mom turn to alcohol and he is left alone with his anger. Through all the bulling no one stood up for him, accept form .

Sunny is daughter of local drunk. Since her grana died, she lives alone in the trailer, working every day after school. She has an amazing hearth. When Judd ex-girlfriends is mean to him, she has to say something, no matter the consequences.

It seem that the whole world is against them. But all is not lost. There is such a beautiful message in the story. Even when all sees lost, when you are beaten down to pulp, the is light on the other end. When you are on the bottom, you can only rise.

I was pulled into the story and was crying by the end. The writing is very good. :)
All in all a lovely book, that will leave a lasting imprint :)

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