Don't Rush Me by Jackie May

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Author Jackie May
Title Don't Rush Me
Series Nora Jacobs #1
Genre urban fantasy, supernatural, paranormal
Number of pages 286
Published January 25th 2018 by Bluefields


Received from NetGalley

It's one of those book, you can't put down until you are finished. I read it in one sitting. The writing style, the characters, supernaturals, plot twists... I love everything about it. It's the ultimate urban fantasy book. :)

Nora grew up in foster system, suffering form abuse from man, time and time again. She has trouble connecting with people and forming relationships because of it. There something special about Nora, she can read anyone mind, just by touch and get feelings of premonition.

One day, going home form work, she gets that feeling, that something bad will happen. Walking home, she is stopped by her neighbour, who can't take no for an answer. By touching him, she knows what he plans to do to her, so she comes up with a plan. 

Since trauma in childhood, she is aware of underworld, that magic and monsters exist. She knows of club, where underworlds creature meet, so she convinces neighbour to go there. She manages to get rid of him, however she catches eye of another dangerous guy.

It goes from bad to worse and she can't catch a break. This is where you can really see her character. Her past experiences have touched her and she is a fighter, Never giving up. She is also very smart and loyal friend. She starts to open up a bit. And I want to know more about her, her powers and the world itself. Can't wait for the next book. :)

Happy reading!



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