Looking for Dei by David A. Wilson

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: David A. Wilson
Title: Looking for Dei
Published: March 23rd 2018 by Seeker Press (expected)
Genre: ya, high-fantasy, magic
Goodreads: Looking for Dei

Received from NetGalley in exchange for honest review

Story is set in high-fantasy world, full of magic. Magic is a gift from Dei (their deity). Every few years they test young people with special weapon in announcement ceremony, to see if they have any gifts.

Those with gifts are celebrated, but her little town didn't have any gifted for very long time. Nara discovers the reason, and is determined to fix it, causing more trouble for her and her friend, than she could ever imagine. 

Nara has a secret, she has a gift, but not just one. She is always holding back, so there she isn't even sure what she is capable

Announcement ceremony goes horribly wrong and before she knows it, she, her best friend and Bylo are on the run. 

I love the world Author created and the magical system in it, is really interesting and unique. The idea behind the story is great and interesting. What I didn't love is the writing style, it didn't give me depth I wanted (for the characters and story) and it dragged at times. 

Regardless, I enjoyed it and would love to see what Nara will do next. :)

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