Favourites: Magical systems

I love fantasy and my favourite fantasy books are the ones with any kinds of magic, especially if magical system surrounding it is interesting and well developed. Here are some of my favourite magical systems in books :) 

1. Harry Potter

This wouldn't be a good list without Harry Potter in it. This series made me fall in love with magic, I love reading the books (I re-read them at least once a year) and all 7 are truly magical. :)

In Harry Potter people with magic live along side Muggles (non magical people), but in secret. They are born with magic, but have to go to school (I wish I could go to Hogwarts too :)) to learn to use it. The is ministry of magic, whole bunch of magical disciplines and a lot interesting magical creatures. Simply perfect. :)

2. Poison study
In the land of Ixia, where Yelena (main characters) live, magic is forbidden. In the this fantasy world, there are still many people with magical abilities, most live in other lands.

Magic is like a blanket all over the world. People with magical abilities can access that blanket and pull form it. If the magician is untrained or just power hungry, he can pull too much, thus collapsing the whole system. What people can do with it, is different form person to person. I love the simplicity and beauty of it. 

3. The Black Mage series

Another amazing series (that I have yet to finish). In fantasy world setting, people before the age of 17, have to ether chose a trade or enrol in trial year in one of three school, to become a soldier, knight or mage. 

That one year is incredibly demanding, only the best ones can follow trough and the best of the best get chosen for apprenticeship. I love that magic is something you have to study and work many years for, it's not just give and it's a privilege

4. A Darker Shade of Magic

Truly amazing and captivating book with very interesting magical system. There are multiple Londons and only Antary, magicians with special and very rare ability can travel between them. There is different concentration of magic, from so high that it destroyed the world (black London) to so little it's barely there (grey). 

5. The Name of the Wind
Another amazing book. Story is set in fantasy world with very interesting magic. There is legendary school for magic, in order to enter it, you have to pay a lot of money, or be so amazing, that you get sponsored. Told by Kvothe in retrospect, you can see how demanding and hard it is to study magic, especially for non rich people. 

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