Favourite romance books

I mostly read sci-fi or fantasy, so romance books are very rarely on my TBR. I love it, when story has romance it, but not when romance is the whole story. 

Next five books are total contradiction to that. :) I loved reading them, and the stories stayed with me for a long time. Going in with low expectation, I was blown away.

Pen & Xander is one of those stories that you have to read, because the story is as good as is important to read in this time.

Exposure is one of the most positive books I've ever read, ultimate feel good story, that I just want to read over and over again. :)

The Boy I hate I read very fast and couldn't put down. Just the kind of story I like. :)

Right Text. Wrong Number. is such a sweet story, that keeps you glued to the book from first till the last page. 

Happy reading,



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