Favourite books in 2017

2017 was very good year in books for me. I've read over 190 book, some amazing, some just OK. These eleven are my favourites. I'm not including re-read here, just books I've read this year for the first time. :)

They made me think and feel, smile and cry, they stuck with me since reading and change me in a way.

I love books with magic, but good ones are hard to find (Harry Potter set the bar quite high). I've read three amazing book with really interesting magical systems, all very different but equally amazing.

I like romance as part of the story not the whole story, however these two book were very pleasant surprises. Both made me smile and feel things and were just amazing

Next one was a total surprise. I haven't read many books in this kind of genre (virtual reality/dystopia/games kind of genre :) there is probably better word for it.:) )It's a bit similar to Ready Player One in the sense, that there is virtual game, that a lot of people is playing, but that is where the similarities end. It's such an amazing story, with interesting setting and great characters. 

Night Shift is one of the most unique book I've ever read, it such amazing story, about mannequins that come to like (little bit like Night at the Museum), magic, history... I loved it. :)

I've read a lot high-fantasy books, but these two are something special. The Hundredth Queen with its uniqueness, amazing world, and kick-ass lead character and Twenty- Four Potential Children of Prophecy with humour.

Broken Skies was such a perfect mix of all elements I love in a story: aliens, sci-fi, dystopia and romance. :)

The last one, was the biggest surprise. I was expecting something totally different and was blown away. The Murder Complex is such an amazing book.

Happy reading,


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