Date with the Dead

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Chris Myers
Title: Date with the Dead
Series: Ripsters #1 
Number of pages: 313 
Genre: paranormal, ghosts, urban fantasy, ya
Goodreads: Date with the Dead
Amazon:Date with the Dead (Ripsters Book 1) (Affiliate link)

Received from NetGalley

I LOOOVE this book. Such a fun and quick read. I just flew through the pages and couldn't put it down.

Jolie has a very hard life. She lives with her mother. They moved from New Orleans after Katrina, to her aunts place in Plymouth, MA. Aunt died in sea previously and left them the house. There are bills and mortgage payments due and they are about to lose the house, but Jolie has a plan.

She has a special gift that runs in the family, she can talk to ghosts. (Her mom can channel dead, so they speak through her). There is one ghost Drew, that doesn't cross over, she is always with her and is her best friends. She wishes he was alive, so they could be together.

In New Orleans she was a part of ghost hunting group so she decides to open one her, to help ghost cross over and earn a bit of money.

In the night of her first job she meets Reese, that wanted to do job himself. She convinces him, that they should work together. He has the equipment, she can see ghosts, perfect match. Later on Brit joins them, she is one of the most popular girls in school and has a ghost following her, that she can't shake. She also has a gift, similar to Jolie's.

The form a group, Ripsters, and have to join all their skills to get rid of especially violent ghost, girls life is dependent on it.

I love the story, is captivating from the first page, a lot happens, many twist and turns. My second favourite thing are characters, each is unique in their own way and I love reading about them. My favourite being Drew, I wish he could come back to life. He is funny, at times annoying to Jolie, however he is also very protective and cares for her a lot. My least favourite is definitely Hayden, there is just something about him, that annoys me very much.

I can't wait to read the next one!

Highly recommend it!

Happy Reading,



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