#amwriting 0.1

Word count: 24998

It was a good and bad kind of writing week. At the beginning of the week I really struggled with my story, I almost deleted everything I written so far. I took a step back after that and took a break for few days.

I figured few thing out (that are kind of obvious, when you think of it... but very new to me 😏)

I took a last look before putting it all in trash. And to my surprise, it's not all that horrible. Apparently you don't have to start all over every time you find something you don't like. You can just re-read it, and fix the part that drives you crazy 😒😧.

Another thing that should be no-brainer... ahh, well.

So, I never outlined the story before or did any kind of plotting. I know this story, I now everything that happens and when it happens. I lived with it for so long, it should be no problem putting it down on paper.

But it is.

I realised that there is a difference between writing and writing 😃:

writing #1 actual story, coming up with a story, developing it, seeing what your characters do
writing #2 typing it all down.

I've got #1 down, but in order to do #2, to get all that out of my fingers, it really helpful to outline it, so when I'm helplessly lost in typing labyrinth, I have somewhere to look, something to tell me what to do next, without me having nervous breakdown. 😃

It was sooo helpful. I've rewritten most of what I have after that, and I'm, actually happy with the story now.

I feel happy sitting down every time, because I feel like the story on (virtual 😏) paper is the same as the story I see in my head, the one that I want to tell.

I hope it will be a bit easier from know on...



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