The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Taylor Sullivan
Title: The Boy I Hate
Published: August 12th 2017 by Good House Publishing
Number of Pages: 276
Genre: romance, contemporary
Goodreads link: The Boy I Hate

Received from Expresso Book Tours in exchange for honest review

It's such a sweet story and I loved every page of it. :)

So... Samantha and Renee are best friends, since forever. They initially bonded over their hate for Renee's brother Tristan, that was really popular in high school. People got close to Renee, just to get closer to her brother.

One night, spent with Tristan, changed Samantha's mind. She started looking at him differently. And was really afraid to lose her friendship. So she ended up dating a guy, for like 7 years.

Then was about to be married and when her boyfriend cancels at the last minute, Tristan goes on road trip to New York with her. She made a sculpture as a wedding gift and has to drive it and Renee doesn't want to let Samantha drive alone. 

On the trip Samantha realises what she want do to, with her life and love. 

One of those stories, where you know, how it will end and you still love the ride to it. :) 

It would make a really good movie. :)

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