Imogen's Secret by B. Fleetwood

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 
Author: B. Fleetwood
Title: Imogen's Secret
Series: Chroma #1
Published: 13th November 2016
Genres: ya, fiction, fantasy
Number of pages: 292
Goodreads link: Imogen's Secret

Received in exchange for honest review

Imogen can read other people, their emotions, through colour of their auras, unseen by others. She has a hard life. He mom is in a coma, her granddad, that is her legal guardian lives in a home. She has mismatch memories of her past and can't remember part of her live. She has nightmares and struggles with the memories that come with it. She has to constantly hide her abilities.

One day there is new guy in the college, Araz. She is sure that he can read her, as she can read him. Imogen thinks he is dangerous, but can't be sure. 

There is a lot more to the story, that is slowly revealed. She is not, who she think she is. She is not normal, and certainly not from here. There is a lot going on, you can't tell who's side you should be on.

Really interesting world and a bit scary too. The story has a really dark undertone to it. Only bad thing, at times it was too much explaining, to much talking.

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Amazon link: Chroma: Imogen's Secret: Volume 1(Affiliate link)


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