Witch Sense by Alexis Kade

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Alexis Kade
Title: Witch sense
Genre: urban fantasy, magic, romance
Published: March 16th 2016
Number of pages: 230
Goodreads link: Witch Sense

Lara is a natural witch, she is good with plants. On the day she tries to break with boyfriend Phillip, he turn into wolf and is unable too turn back. So.. she is kind of stuck with him. No matter what she and her best friend Roxie do, they can no turn him back. Roxie is a ritual magician, she has to relay on ritual and spells to do magic. 

Local Alpha werewolf will help her ex back to human, if she agrees to help him. Something is killing werewolves and no one can find any clues. Stephen need her to see if there is any magical trace left on the crime scenes.

Because Phillip has been wolf for few week, he is starting to lose himself to wolf. Lara has very little time to save him. When FBI start to look into his disappearance thing start to really complicate.

I just love reading Urban Fantasy in this is really good one. I love the way romance takes time to develop, it kind of cute. 

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