Counting Wolves by Michael F. Steward

Rating: 💚 💚 💚
Author: Michael F. Stewart
Title: Counting Wolves
Published: August 2017 
Number of pages: 166
Genre: contemporary, mental health
Goodreads link: Counting Wolves

Received from NetGalley

I was kind of sure this will be fairy-tale retelling, I really like those lately. It's not, it more The curious incident of the dog in the night (I really like that book:)) Main character Milly has a lot of psychological issues and is committed to the paediatrics psych ward, be her evil step mother. 

She has to count, before stepping through doorway, eating, talking, otherwise the wolf will take her. She meets a lot of kids there, who all have very different issues and are a bit alike with fairy tale characters. 

It is really good book to read, because it gives you inside in what it's like to fell that way, how real it fell, how it affect your life.

The whole story is really sad in way, once you find out the reason behind her disease... I cried so much during the last part of the book :).

Happy reading!



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