Eve of the Exceptionals by Parker Sinclair

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Parker Sinclair
Title: Eve of the Exceptionals
Series: standalone
Published: January 2017
Number of pages: 226
Goodreads link: Eve of the Exceptionals
Genre: high fantasy, fiction, romance, magic

Received from NetGalley.

Such a beautiful book. The story is just so sweet and lovely. I really like that it is a standalone book. 

It is high fantasy book about Gem who travels with her family and performs, and the also steal on the side. One night she steals mysterious Heath and is almost captured, only to be rescued by the prince Ryzyn. There are somehow connected since then, even though they don't see each other for many years. 

After that night Gem runs away from her family and that lifestyle and becomes a guard. Ryzyn learns how to wield the hearth. But they have to join forces if they want to save the land from evil.

The setting is really interesting world, full of magic. I really like the writing. 

Stuff I didn't like: the cover and that the story was slow at times. Other wise, really great and interesting book. 



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