Descent by Katie O'Sullivan

Rating: 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author: Katie O'Sullivan
Title: Descent
Series: Son of a Mermaid #1
Number of pages: 319
Goodreads link: Descent
Genre: paranormal, ya, fantasy, fiction, mermaids

Received from NetGalley.

Descent is a really good story about mermaids. I can not believe there is a good YA book featuring mermaids. I read just few books with mermaids in it, and the were all... bad. It is hard to accurately portray something, that is so far from our everyday experience. And to make it believable, that says something about the writer. 

I really love the plot setting, the mermaids, the whole world portayed here.

This is story about Shea, who in the mist of family tragedy discovers something incredible. He goes from farm boy, who doesn't know how to swim to being a mermaid (merman ?) with really interesting heritage. 

I only wish the book was a bit longer, so we would get a chance to have a bit more character development. 

Happy reading!



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