Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livinston


Author: Lesley Livingston

Title: Wondrous Strange

Series: Wondrous Strange #1

Number of Pages: 327

Published: January 2009

Goodreads link: Wondrous Strange

I stumbled on this book as part of my 2017 TBR clean up, and I almost pass this book, after I read few less than stellar reviews. 

I am so happy I ignore that. (Maybe the deciding vote was the cover ... who knows 😁) Anyhow, this book is just sooooo pretty. I absolutely love fearies, eventhough the stories about it don't come close to Shakespeare's version, I still loved this book. It just such a beautiful story. 

Book follows young actress Kelley Winslow, who finally gets a chance at a lead role in a play. She plays queen Tatiana in Midsummer Night's Dream. She meets hot stranger one night, named Sonny (a bit unfortunate name...) and her life is turned upside down, she find out that the play she is playing is not so far from the truth. Ahh, just so pretty.

Favourite parts: 

  • Lucky- who doesn't love kelpie that can turn in murderess creature anytime :D
  • Sonny-he is hot guardian, who wants to protect her from all the crap going on
  • Kelley-I love that she is strong on all her own, she stands up for her self and she doesn't need anyone to save her; she takes destiny and make it her own.
  • Fearies
Even though I loved this book I will not read the next one. I saw that there is love triangle, and I am just not the fan of those. They always take away from the story. I will just pretend this is stand alone. 😊

Happy reading.



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