Relentless by Karen Lynch

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Author: Karen Lynch 

Title: Relentless

Series: Relentless #1

Number of pages: 288

Published: December 2013

Goodreads link: Relentless

Re-read (I re-read at least 5 times, it is just amazing.. 😊)

It is one of my all time favourites, perfect blend of magic, magical creatures, urban fantasy-ish setting and amazing characters.

Why is it so hard to review the books you love the most ?
Anyway... these are thing I love about Relentless:

  • Sara. She is one of the strongest lead characters. She has big heart, is stubborn to a fault and hold her ground against... well everyone. She doesn't let anyone tell her how to live and what to do, her friends are from strangest palaces and her powers are amazing. She is not without her faults either, she makes many mistakes, but she hold herself accountable for them later
  • Nicolas. Warrior. He is really amazing character, strong, powerful, unstoppable and will do anything to protect Sara. Also... he is HOT :)
  • Dynamics between Sara and Nicolas. Both are incredibly strong willed characters and they always seem to clash. Neither will move an inch and that provide some very funny arguments.
  • People. I love the way existence of magical creatures is blended seamlessly in everyday life.
  • Remy, Roland, Peter, Chris. Side Characters are done well too, you have a chance to know them.
  • Nate. He really cares for Sara.
  • Mohiri. Bad ass warriors... enough said.

Only thing I don't love - the cover :)

Happy reading!



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