Evolution by Kelly Carrero

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Author: Kelly Carrero
Title: Evolution
Series: Evolution #2
Pages: 146
Published: April 2012
Goodreads link: Evolution

I had to restart it few times. It was a bit far fetched from the get go. Once I was past first few chapters I could not put it down. It is one of those guilty pleasure books (like Selection), where you know, the book is not amazing at all, but you just have to read it anyway. 

Story starts when Jade (our main character) saw her scars healing before her eyes in the hospital. Her life changes completely after that. She goes from normal high school girl, with hottest boyfriend, to finding out she is special and that the are a lot people like her, including her boyfriend Aiden.

This is where the main problem with book is. The beginning, or lack of it. The story start where Aiden and Jade have been together for a while, having established relationship. I would love the book a lot more, if started where they meet, grow their bond, seeing that, rather that being told what happened before the book.

There is another thing about their relationship that bothered me. He was always there, even when she was with her friend. I get that her mother was mostly absent and that she was in love, but come on. You can do stuff without him at least something. It was like her whole life revolved around him. 

She is special too, she has amazing power, that she is just beginning to explore, and that doesn't come across that much... 

One more thing that didn't feel right is her relationship with Chelsea, her best friend. She gets kidnapped and Jade has visions about it beforehand. For the week, or however long she was kidnapped, she doesn't really do much. I mean if it is your best friend, you would do everything in your power... 

It is not really bad book. it is really fast paced and written well. Even though at times I wanted to trow my phone at wall, I just had to know what happens next. Most problems lie with plot itself. 

If you are looking for something light and fun to read, that will keep you turning page after page, than this is the book for you. :)

Happy reading!



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