Curse of Stars by Donna Compositor


Author: Donna Compositor

Title: Curse of Stars

Series: Diamond Crier #1

Published: February 2017

Goodreads link: Curse of stars

Provided by NetGalley

This is a story of Sabi. She lives in New York with her parents and sister, seemingly normal life, even though she knows something is not quite right with her family. It is a peaceful life, until she is thorn from everything she knows, by stranger, who claims she is his property. 

She was always told not to cry, when she does diamonds come from her eyes.

This ability is the reason she is taken, she is valuable. The world her parents ran from, the world she belongs, is full of magic, that is given to individuals. Well it use to be, bad guy takes it all for himself, except the criers, he can't take that for some reason, so he takes the criers themselves.

She is taken in the captivity. She is used for what she is and what she can do. (A lot of stuff she was forced in, were a bit hard to stomach.)

Sound interesting story right? I though so to, before reading it. It just drags on and not much happen. It is so slow paced, I gave up few times, and then come back. The premise is so amazing and unique. It really could be great book. I have problems with writing styled mostly, I could not connect to the story, fell anything whilst reading it. It was more like counting pebbles. 

I wanted to love it, I really tried, it was just not working. Maybe if it was more condensed, I don't know. If I ignore how it was executed, I can appreciate the story line, witch is really interesting.

Maybe just not for me. Someone who likes this kind of writing style, will probably love it.

Happy reading.



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