#5 hottest guys in YA books

It's been a while since I have done #5 favourites. Today I am doing one that I'm really excited about. Even though I don't usually like to read romance novels, I do like if there a bit of romance in fantasy or fiction books. These are my 5 favourite guys in books.

1. Edward 

The ultimate hot guy and my first book crush :). He is really modern day vampire Mr. Darcy. I love that he is protective, strong and practically invisible. Mind reading and sparkling is cool too. :) He is also really close to his family. Even though he has few faults, he is still amazing. 


2. Nicolas

OMG this guy is so cool. He is sooo bad-ass. Nicolas is immortal Mohiri worrier. He is kind of half demon, who spends his day hunting and killing vampires. He is really strong willed and charismatic. And I love the relationship they have with Sara (always butting heads)


3. Wolf

He is my favourite male character in Lunar chronicles. He is strong and loyal, always thinking of Scarlet. He has a hard life growing up (all the surgeries and all that crap). Still despite all that, he is kind of sweet and really bad-ass.


4. Tristan

Ahh. He kind of grows on you. In the beginning of the book he is a jerk and totally unlikable, but there is a reason for it. Later when you get to know him better, you can really appreciate how smart and resourceful he is. Putting his own life on the line to protect those who need help. Sacrificing himself so she can live. Just amazing. He is really handsome and also a TROLL :). Love his character. 

Stolen Songbird

5. Kull

First of all he is a prince, that always cool. But what I love about him the most is, that he is a lot more than just good looking. At first glance he looks like he is just hot, but there is intelligence behind all the muscles. I also love how despite everything he does his own thing, no matter what. 



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