The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

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I have read this book first as an e-book, recently I received real book, as a birthday gift, so I have been re-reading it. It reminded me instantly why I loved it the first time.
This is kind of fairy tale based book. In this magical woods, there is a school for good and evil, attended by daughters and sons of fairy tale heroes and villains and two readers.
Agatha and Sophie are unlikely best friends, pulled into this strange world by strange shadow, that delivers new fairy tale to their village and kidnapped two kids every four years. One good and one evil.
This year perfect Sophie and witchy Agatha are kidnapped and end up in wrong towers, or so it seems.
I loved this story so much. At first I was afraid it will be another generic fairy tale retailing, but this was anything but generic. Nothing is as it seems. It makes you rethink good and evil. And it is also very funny at times. You start to love Agatha, with all her awkwardness and strangeness, and hate Sophie for her shallowness. They both have a lot of redeeming qualities.  But even here it isn't so simple. Nothing is just one thing, and there characters are anything but one-dimensional.
I highly recommend it.
I haven't read next one in series, because I am a bit afraid, that it will not be as good as this one.


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