The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket


I wanted to read this book, because everyone was talking about it... Well it is safe to safe, I would have been better off never reading it.

I don't like gritting bad review, because of respect I suppose. I know how much work and heart goes into writing a book. But, I have to be honest two.

I usually love kid's books, but this one I just couldn't. The problem wasn't in the story, it is rather quite intriguing, but with the execution. I felt like the author was mocking me entire time, I mean those explanations are so distracting. Also, it felt so impersonal, like reading a recipe, rather than a fantasy book. I mean, the kids were crying, in pain and I didn't felt a thing. Lives of three kids will never be the same again and btw pick up some bread on the way home. I mean.. Ahhh.

This could be so interesting. But the series is kind of ruined for me.

Happy reading everyone.

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