Shaken by Susan Hatler

Received free from NetGalley.

This book was another pleasant surprise in February. Again just random book, I haven't really read what is it about, just wanted to read something before the bed.

It started out... well not so good. I almost gave up after reading just first few pages. The way Kylie (lead character) acted, her starburst and awkwardness, even her responses, didn't seem plausible. Anyhow, I decide to give a few more pages and  I am happy that I did. The story really picks up, the writing is really good, better with every page, you can see characters developing.

Story is about Kylie, who accidentally discovers her mind reading abilities. Her dad asks her to help police with the case of a missing girls. After that, her entire life changes and the real action begins. It is really interesting story line, not that predictable, action packed, especially toward end.

I have few problems with Kylie's decision making, she is a bit whiny and immature at times. Also I wished, it was a bit longer. The book end, when thing get really interesting. Another little thing, the cover... not my favourite.

It is not the book you devour, but it is pleasant book nonetheless. I have enjoyed reading it, despite rocky start and would love to continue with the series.

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