Entangled by Nikki Jefford


 I downloaded this book for free from amazon and was quite pleasantly surprised.
First few chapters I almost give up, it was a bit too "romancy" for me. I thought it would be another romance book, with 3 lines of paranormal in it.
Story picked up and I am so happy I stick with it, cause it is amazing.
This is a story of twins with magical powers. We follow the story of Gray, the "good" twin. Witches and warlocks live in our world, hiding their power prom normal people. It start with typical high school setting, drama, guy, friends.It really get started pick ups after Gray dies. Not forever though. She wakes up few months after in her sister's body, forced to share it every other day, after a spell goes haywire.
It is so hard to find a good book about magic. Either it is Harry Potter or LoR wanna be, or Twilight with magic. But this is one of those rare book, where author takes standard approach to magic and makes it her own.
Characters are interesting. I love the good and evil twin thing.
Only thing that bothered me, was the beginning, I would love it, if it was a bit more magical  in it and a bit less romancy . To be fare, no book is perfect (except Harry Potter. :))


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