Dreamthief by Tamara Grantham

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OMG I am so happy I stumbled on this book. It is soooo amazing. I could not put it down, it so good.

So it is about a girl, Olive (love the name btw), who is half elvish and half human descent. She was raised by dragon lord of the sky, and spent half of her life in parallel Earth, filled with magic and magical creatures, and the last half on our Earth. Because is of both worlds, she can go back and for, without memory loss. She is therapist and helps people with repressed memory of Faythander (fairy version of the Earth). When she find traces of dark magic on her godson, she returns to Faythander to find answers. 

Along the way she meets Kull, who helps her. He is the ultimate book boyfriend. I mean, he is hot, deadly, charming, witty and protective of Olive.... Perfect :)

Author builds amazing world I would like to live in.

It is free on amazon. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves magic, dragon, elves, fairies, fantasy world or just wants to read something amaazing. :)

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