2021 Reading Goals

It's been a year. :) Even though it was incredibly intense and full of unpleasant stuff, it wasn't all bad. Being stuck at home, watching the world break, made it crystal clear where my priorities should lie, and how silly it is to worry about small stuff - you never know what tomorrow brings. :)
The new way of living made me reexamine a lot of things I did, loved, and how I spend my time. Especially when it comes to reading. I simply didn't have time to read books I didn't want to and mental space to carry on with books that weren't for me. Books are supposed to be an escape from real life, somewhere you can turn where it all becomes too much. Not I should, but something I want to. 

My niece made an advent calendar with books to read for December. I re-read books I forgot I loved and discover that spark, that feeling you get, when you go back to the world you loved, whether it's Hogwarts, or Shadowhunter, or on a satellite with Cress. :) And it made it painfully obvious that most of the books I was reading, didn't' do that for me. 
For the new year, I decided to go back. I made my goal a loss than usual, 100 books. I want to take time to enjoy books I read and pick up few old loves, I want to read books that make me happy, excited, and stop reading, DNF-ing any books that make me feel bad. Also, I want to explore the library more, with all being closed with I don't even know anymore how long, it made me miss it. :)

What are your reading goals?

happy reading,


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