Reading Diary, #2


It's been a very good reading week, I feel like I had my head stuck in a book all the time. :) It's the best feeling. :)

I spend the Sunday finishing books. I want to clear a lot of old, forgotten, half-read books and start the year fresh. I'm nowhere near close, but it feels awesome to be proactive for once. :)

So first I finished Under an Alaska Sky. I wanted to love it so much, but that guy, seriously, I wanted to smack him. :) And the next one Mistress of Death was not a win either. I just couldn't connect with it.

Usually, that puts me in a foul mood, but it's Christmas time, so no bad mood allowed. :)


It's been a long time since I've read Graceling (another Advent Calendar read:)), and I forgot how much I loved it. I still haven't read the next one in the series, which might be on future TBR, because I just want to know what happened next. :) 

It's such an awesome feeling to be totally sucked in a book so that the entire world disappears- I just love that feeling. :)


Another day, another advent calendar book. This time it was Eclipse. I usually present that Twilight is just one book and not a series, but it was to revisit Edward and Bella. I still hate Jacob and Bella, but Edward is yummy. :) I wish Bella had more of, well any kind of backbone. It would make a whole much better book.


Today in the calendar it was Divergent. It's been such a long time since I read and I seriously forgot how good it was. I never read the other two in the series, because I spoiled myself about the ending and could read on. Is it worth it? 

But Divergent itself is such a good book. One of those, where the entire world disappears for hours when you open it. And I LOOVE Four. :) 

I also finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue. It such a different writing style, but I'm all for it. :) I love the gang and their adventure. I wasn't the biggest fan of how the series ended, but it's the 3rd book, so I can happily ignore that. :)

No onto watching a shit ton of Christmas movies. :)


I woke up super easy and read

Briar Coats and the Tunnel of Styx. It was a fun little middle-grade book, that you can finish very fast. But now is the time for a little bit of Harry Potter and spending the rest of the day lazy, before tomorrow, it's my B-day, a new decade. :D

What did you read for Christmas weekend?

happy reading,



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