Briar Coats and the Tunnel of Styx by K. J. Long


I always seem to forget how much fun it is to read middle-grade books until I pick one up.

Set in a city build on mangrove tree roots, it's a fantastic tale of Briar. He is a wild boy, set on being an explorer, very good at claiming the roots and stay under the water for a long time. He lives with his mother. His father, who was also an explorer disappeared a long time ago. 

At first, it seems that his dreams are too far out of reach, but when he saves a boy and proves himself, the job is his. 

One day on a swim he realizes he can breathe underwater and soon discover a whole new world to explore with his new friend Verity.

It's a page-turner for sure. :) I was hooked from the start and love to see the adventure Briar got on. It's a lovely story. The only thing I wasn't the biggest fan, was the writing at times.



received from author

November 1st, 2020
middle grade, mermaids
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