Starvation by Molly Fennig

After I finished the book I was left with a jumble of emotions, I can't help but feel for the lead character.

The story of Wes is told through two timelines, present, and past. The storytelling is brilliant. It gives the story a unique depth and contrast between before and after. Of how is it to live with anorexia, how hard to even want to get better, and on another side how easily is to slip from good to a bad place.

The past tells a story of Wes, before. He was always living in a shadow of his older brother, who was champion wrestles, and who seem to have it all. He cares more about drawing buildings than wrestling.

And then he meets Caila, who slowly intrudes him to extreme dieting. He worries about her, tries to help her, but it somehow backfires. On top of that, his brother dies. He falls deeper and deeper into anorexia.

His is a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking journey.

And then there is the present time, where we see Wes already very, very sick and not ready to get better.

The contrast between the two timelines, especially at the beginning of the story, offered a unique perspective into the mind of Wes. You see how he got to that place, and how hard is to come back out.

I love to read books that deal with mental health issues, because nothing can give you more empathy, or understanding, than being in the head of someone who lives it.

rating 💜💜💜💜💜

cover 💙💙💙💙💙

received from author


contemporary, romance, mental health


November 2020 by Immortal Works


happy reading,



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