Relentless habit by Karen Renee

The story is so addicting that I couldn't put in down!

I really liked Cecilia, she is troubled by her past and still letting it define her in some way while trying to move forward. And failing in love wasn't in the plan also, especially when she couldn't bring herself, to be honest about her past.

Those kinds of things never can stay secret for long and long behold it all blows up, but that only the start of a very bumpy path to happily ever after. :)

And then there is Brock. He is strong, stubborn, and hot, but also very hotheaded. I didn't like the way he talked to her, especially at the start of the book. But as the story moved on, I started to sloooowly like him, a bit. :)

The writing style wasn't my favorite, but I loved the storyline, it is gripping and intense and so addictive, I read it in one sitting. 

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O-Town, #1
adult, contemporary, romance
September 1sr, 2020




I moved to Orlando for a fresh start. Nobody could know my secret. Catching the attention of the hottest DJ in all of Orlando wasn’t in the plan. He’s got moves, and they’re not just good. They are good. Like the beats he spins in the booth, I fall fast for him and his crazy family. When he finds out about my past, it won’t just break my heart but also crush my soul.


The third time I saw her at a crowded club, I had to have her. After our first kiss, I knew she was a habit I would never want to break. Knowing what she hid from me reinforces what I’ve known for so long. Women cannot be trusted. Even knowing the worst, I can’t stay away from her. But when push comes to shove, will I be able to keep her safe?

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