Her Bad Idea by Sagan Morrow

I've been loving the series so far, and I was so excited to read Scarlett's story. My expectations were very pretty high. 

I was so happy when I got the book, that I read right away and the world around just melted away for a few hours. While I loved all books in the series, Her Bad Idea was on a whole another level. I was blown away by how awesome it is! 

Scarlet's business is failing and she desperately needs the money. Luckily there is a dance competition, with huge prize money, the only downside, she has to perform with Pete. And she is not a fan. :) 

Buut she has to compete with him, she really needs the money. So they try to work together and the egos clash, a lot. :) I love the way they bicker. :) And then they somehow end up in this fake relationship to make the guy she crushed on since forever jealous...

All my favorite tropes in one book. :)

There is different... vibe to the story. It is very well written, the dialogs are witty and made me LOL out loud many times and the flow is just right. My favorite part was by far the tension between the main characters. Scarlett and Pete, when they are together, they just light up the room with all that tension between them. 

And the romance is very sloooow burn, but so worth it. :)

Highly recommend to anyone who loves romance books!!!

rating 💜💜💜💜💜


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Polyamorous Passions #7


romance, contemporary


August 25th, 202

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