A Thousand Years by K. T. Dady

Kate is a romance writer, who starts to hear voices. At first, she is sure she is going crazy, but it turns out her soul is talking to her. Something went wrong, they should be inseparable, but somehow they are split. Kate even gives her a name.

The more they talk the more the soul reveals about the world and soul mates. Even taking her though some of her former lives - that was my favorite part. :)

There are soulmates, souls divided into two parts, and send to earth. They have to find each other and increase love in the world at the same time.

Kate is not to keen on looking for her soulmate, but she finally finds him, it's magical. :)

It's a very imaginative story and a unique concept. But I had a hard time connecting to the story at times...


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March 23, 2020

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