Unique by Starr Z. Davies

I thought the first book was intense, but in Unique the dial is turned to max. :)

The story picks up right where Ordinary left off. His group, well what is left of it, was saved and taken to a safe place. On the surface, it seems like the perfect place for them to, but something just isn't as it should be. The more he digs up, the more shocking truth is revealed, about him, Paragon, Directorate, and what is really going on.

It's non stop action, from the start till the end. I feel like I didn't even blink till the last page. The setting, the storyline, the characters, it's all soo good and brilliantly executed. 

Just so awesome & I'm looking forward to binge read the series. :)
cover 💙💙💙
received from Author
Ordinary #2
sci-fi, dystopia, YA
number of pages
June 2nd, 2020 by Pangea Books

happy reading,


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