Knee Deep by Karol Ann Hoeffner

I love the setting, there is something magical about New Orleans. :)

Camille is a 16 old girl living in New Orleans. She lives with her parents, her father owns and runs the well-known bar. She is a very special kind of girl, all kind of stubborn and sensitive at the same time. :) We follow her story, from panning her birthday party with her friends, being in love, and getting excited for the Mardi Gras and living through Hurricane Katrina and everything that such a disaster plus along. The end is bittersweet, as there is new hope, a chance of fresh start and there is loss and grief and horribleness of letting go.

My favorite part of the story was the setting, all love all things, New Orleans, especially if there is a little bit of magic involved. :) 

However I had a hard time connecting to the writing, it's very descriptive, slowing down the flow, especially at the start.
rating 💜💜💜
cover 💙💙💙
received from author
romance, suspense
September 25th, 2020 by Regal Houe Publishing
number of pages

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