Shadowed by Despair by Candace Robinson

The last book in one of my favorite series.

The story in Shadowed by Despair picks soon after evens of Veiled by Desire. Tavarra finally got, what she wished for such a long time, ever since she still lived in the sea and when she had to chain herself up every night. She is human. And very, very lost. She lost everyone she cared for and roams the land alone. One day she is captured by a person, who's partners she killed when she was a beast. And is saved by an unlikely ally, Jovkin. She always had a deep-rooted hatred for the species and killed them for no reason sometimes, but meeting him forced her to slowly shift her thinking.

Perin died. And he wakes up again, buried underground. When he emerges he is not totally the same, there is deep hungry forcing him to feed. He goes to the stone of desire, which offers him a solution, but not an easy one. One a journey for the cure, he is joined with Tavarra and her friend. If only he can keep his hunger at bay till the journey is over.

I just loved the ending, it brought the story full circle and it couldn't be more perfect for the story. 

It's one of those books that you just can't put down. The world is very interesting, I loved the way you slowly discovered a new place, as the story moves along.

The word the describes the series the most, is unique. The world created, mythology and take on magical creatures, is one of a kind, I have never read anything similar. 

It's so good!!! Highly recommend it! :)

received from Author
Laith #3
dark fantasy, horror, paranormal, romance
May 19th, 2020 by The Parliament House
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happy reading,

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