Fanning the Flames by Alexa Whitewolf

I'm having the best luck with books lately! (hopefully, I haven't just jinxed😁)

I was so surprised by how incredibly awesome it was! I mean, I had quite high expectations, because I loved the Moonlight Rogues series, but this one is on a whole another level. :)

Declan (he is my favorite❤, but Tytus is not far after him either😁) and Tytus are brothers, last of their kind, Zmeu. They used to be inseparable, until they had a falling out and Declan changed, transforming into a very bad person until he was captured and imprisoned for many years.

Now that Declan is captured by the immortals, again, Tytus is on his way home after many, many years, to recover and to find out what Declan is planning. But he is not going alone, Fiona insists that she wants to join him.

She has been used and abused by a lot of different people. Now that she is finally free, she wants to do something good and then move to a deserted island, away from everyone.

Their plans get a bit sidetracked, by the bond that stars to grow between them. Neither is very keen on getting closer, but Tytus zmeu has different plans. :)

As they delved deeper into the mystery of the castle and Declan, the mystery starts to unfold and it's not all so black and white anymore.

The story is an awesome mix of interesting mythology, very well set up a magical system and so much action. I couldn't stop reading it! Not only is there swoon-worthy romance, but it's also a story about family, getting past your past and second chances.

It's soo good!!!

I highly recommend it!

received from author
Flaming Rogues #1
paranormal, romance, shapeshifters, fantasy
May 21st, 2020
number of pages

happy reading,


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