Second to Surrender by Alexa Whitewolf

I love this series so much. :)

In a small town, there is a car repair shop, where 4 guys work. They are all wolves. It’s run by Lucas, the pack leader. My favorite part is, that while they are all wolves, they are not the same, each comes from a different part of the world, based on different mythology and somehow they all found a way to this town. :)

The second book in the series follows Tristan. He used to be a soldier and the horrors he endures still follow him around. He suffers from PTSD and being in his head is very eye-opening. That is a hard way to live.

His life gets a lot more complicated when Daniela comes back to his life. They grew up together in Brasil. He dated her twin. So her mere presence brings out a lot of bad memories.
Now she is on the run, she runs to him in search of protection. 

Their road to happily ever after is very bumpy and I loved reading it! :)
received from Author
Moonlight Rogues #2
paranormal, romance, shapeshifters
December 21st, 2018
number of pages

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