2020 Reading Goals

New year, a fresh start.

I want to do this right this time. After 14 years of being sick AF, all the time, I’m starting to get better, lil bit at the time. I feel like myself. I haven’t felt that way since forever and I’m so happy.
While getting better is great, it brings out an all-new set of challenges. I have to figure out what I want and how I want to do it in all aspects of life. So much of it was rules by sickness and now that the fog has lifted a big and I see clearly again, I have to define it all, again.

I love it, I can start fresh and set my own rules, based on what I want and like, but it’s also very overwhelming and scary.

So I’m starting slow.
With books.

I want to read. A lot. Preferably good books. :) And I want to read a variety of ‘em. Not just ARCs & books sent for review (still love those :)), but also check out more library books & my kindle is filled with books I want to read, but don’t have time for. Also, there are about a million series I want to re-read, like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Red Queen, Appollo,….

I want to enjoy reading. Never want it to feel like a chore again because it sucks out all the joy of it.

I want to write. On blog, book, journal, whatever. :) And not be afraid of how it will look like…

Also, I set a Goodreads challenge to 222 books. :) Why 222? Because I like the number. :)

Do you have any reading goals for this year?

happy reading,


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