Reading diary #0.1

This year was challenging in many ways. I had to reevaluate my entire life, including books. I had such a hard time reading lately. It always felt like a chore, something I had to do, as something I wanted to do. So I stopped. And hated it.

I wanted to have that feeling back, you that feeling when you start reading a book that you waited for weeks, or that feeling when a story blows you away...

It was a sign. A wake-up call. I wasn't OK. I haven't been OK for a while now. And until I haven't stopped putting my head in the sand, I could barely read. I'm a professional at avoiding things. :)

Now that I started to pick up the pieces, the love for reading returned and I couldn't be happier. There are so many good books to read. :)


I finished Dead Mead: Day 1 in the afternoon and loved it. It's a short one, about 100 pages and I read it in one sitting (that my favorite way to read books:)))I'm not the biggest fan of zombies, well actually they are my least favorite supernaturals, but in this series I strangely love them. :)


I tried reading Heist, for the millionth time, but it wasn't a good fit for me. So I gave up and picked up Breakup Boot Camp. I fully expected another fluffy romance book (nothing wrong with that, I love reading those), but it was surprisingly deep and meaningful. I took another was to deal with breakups. So the girl gets cheated on and a lady at the bridal shop recommends her the BreakUp Bootcamp. First, she is just sad, but as she delves deeper, she can admit to herself that it wasn't just his fault. It takes two to break a relationship. it's such a wholesome story. 


There is something magical about reading early in the morning. Waking up before the sun is up and getting immersed in a story right as the sun goes up. 

I started on The Blue Devil, but it wasn't vibing with me, so I switched to a Pulse and Prejudice. It's a Pride and Prejudice retelling, but with vampires. It makes total sense that Darcy was one, right? :) 
It's the kind of story sucks you in... I love that feeling. :)


I had a whole afternoon to myself, so I spend it reading .. duuh :). I didn't know what to read, so I picked a random ARC. It was a good choice, Two Thousand Lines. I was mesmerized by the story. I spend the entire book crying my eyes out and sobbing the entire evening. The story, the characters... ahh. It's a very difficult subject and not for the faint of heart. It deals with childhood abuse and how big of a mark it leaves on a person's life. It's a good book, an important one.


I was so excited when I got an ARC of Out of Control. It's the 6th one in the series and I've been looking forward to reading it:)

I got up early, made coffee and spend the hour totally immersed in a story. It's so fun to read books in series, where the books grow, as the author grows. You can actually see the difference in writing by the 6th one. I had so much fun & it was the perfect way to start what will be the craziest day ever. :)


Saturdays I mostly spend with my niece. She is my sun and moon. :) She is starting to get excited about the books and I'm so happy to see that and can't wait till she is older, so I can give her all my favorites to read. 

We spend the morning in the library picking out books and afternoon reading them. I haven't got much of my reading done, but it was time well spent. :)

How did your week go?

as always, 
happy reading


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