Out of Control by Sagan Morrow

The books keep on getting better with each one!

Helen is very traditional, organizes and stubborn, she is convinced that her way is the right way ... always. She and Ben are living a happy married life. Exploring an open marriage went very well, they both have partners that they like, she is even up for a promotion at work. Until ... she hears Ben talking to his partner in the hallway & realizes that he fell for him. It shattered her world & she is furious, especially when Ben accuses her of the same thing. Feeling betrayed and broken she takes off. 

After a lot of friends support & time, she comes to a realization. She isn't always right & sometimes it takes a big romantic gesture to make it all good again. :) The story ends with a bang ... the ending is just perfect for the story & I'm in love with this series. 

Helen wasn't my favorite out of the three friends. In this book her characters go through hard times, she grows before our eyes into someone I would great. Watching her struggle, understanding when she comes from & how she feels and thinks, made me like her very much. (she is my favorite now. :)). Especially if you take Helen from the first three books (Emma's story) & compare it to Helen at the end of Out of control, you can see how far she has come. From not understanding Emma orientation & being set in her own life, to opening her life and marriage to new possibilities.

The characters arc through all three books is very well written &  well thought out.

Now I can't wait to see what is in the store for Scarlett. :)
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Polyamorous Passions #6
December 10th, 2019
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