Primal Instinct by Ally Parker

Mackenzie and her sister were kidnapped. While her sister is held captive and punished severely for her every mistake, she is forced to do their bidding, doing bad stuff just to keep her sister safe. Her last job, she needs to get close to the group of people. As she treks closer she meets some of them, but they are not human.

Jaxx is a wolf shifter. Wolf-shifters are this world has to find a mate before the tattoo on their body completes, or they turn rogue. Just so happen that Mackenzie is that person for him. But for her is hard to keep figure out where her loyalties lie.

it's a very complex story with many layers and elements. It was a bit hard to get into because the story starts right in the middle of the action, but after a few chapters, when I was all caught up, I started to really like it. I especially like the different take of shapeshifters. 
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Prowlers #1
September 16th, 2019
adult, romance, paranormal


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Freedom has been a pleasure denied to Mackenzie for the last five years. Forced to do the bidding of a crazed man to keep both her sister and her self alive, she is sent on a mission to infiltrate a group of people. Payment; their release. The only problem, no one mentioned they weren’t human. Or, that she would be drawn to a certain sexy, addictive male.
Which will she decide, her heart? Or her freedom?
In a world filled with despair, Jaxx’s only chance to save his humanity is tethered to a woman he hasn’t met. Finding her in an underground facility with his kidnapped protΓ©gΓ©, was the last place he thought to find his savior. In a web of corruption, he will have to find the truth and convince his mate, she is his.
Before it’s too late.

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