Being Good by Sagan Morrow

This series is slowly becoming one of my favorites. :) I feel like Emma, Helen and Scarlet are my old friends and it's so nice to go back into their world, to see that they are up to.

Being Good is the fifth book in the Polyamorous Passions series and the second one about Helen. Helen is very traditional, all about monogamy and doing things by the book. But after meeting her wedding photographer something changes in her. In the first book She Wants More Helen and her fiance decided to change the rules of their relationship, but wait till after the wedding to try it. Now the wedding approaches and seeing a lot more of her wedding photographer, Helen is not sure she will be able to wait.

After the beautiful ceremony they to go a bit different resort for the honeymoon (Emma's idea, of course :)) and experience for the first time, what does it to open marriage (and love it:)).

I loved reading about it. Helen was my least favorite friend in first books, but know more I read about her more I like her. She has character and one hell of a spine. :) She is very driven and passionate and one of those characters I would love to hang out in real life. :)

And the way the story ended, I can't wait to read the next one. :)
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Polyamorous Passions #5
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October 15th

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