Evening the Score by Jaqueline Snowe

Author Jaqueline Snowe
Title Evening the Score
Series Out of the Park #1
Genre romance
Number of pages 297
Published May 7th by Totally Bound Publishing

Received from Xpresso Book Tours



Rating 💚💚💚💚💚

Cover 💛💛


Fiona Davis and Gideon Titan have nothing in common—except their mutual dislike of each other. But when they’re stuck coaching together for four months, each battle sparks flames, turning them into enemies with benefits…

Fiona Davis is an over-talkative college senior unsure what she wants to do with her life who volunteers to coach a baseball team at the suggestion of a charity close to her heart. Gideon Titan is an injured MLB player desperate to save his career, whose manager volun-told him to coach the youth team to rediscover his love of the game. 

She hates his attitude and extravagant, multiple-car-owning lifestyle. He hates her constant need to prove herself and the way she snorts when she laughs. They both hate the six days a week they’re forced to see each other. What starts with a snarl boils into a sexual tension they both resent, but…the only time they aren’t arguing is when they’re naked. 

They did it all backward: enemies, co-coaches, lovers, then to some version of friends. If they want anything more, someone has to take the first step. There’s not a chance in hell it’ll be Fiona...unless Gideon can prove he’s worth the risk. 

But making sacrifices is asking a lot for two people who know what it means to lose.


I love it!

It's one of my favorite kind of romances, where they hate each other at first, but grow to friendship and love. :)

She is senior at college, unsure of what she wants after graduation and he is a famous baseball player, recovering after injury. When they get stuck together coaching the kids, they are both extremely unhappy with that. They hate each other at first, but after weeks of working together, they start to become friends and maybe even more. But with an uncertain future for both of them, nothing is sure.

It's such a lovely book and a very quick read. I finished it in one sitting, unable to stop reading. :)

Perfect beach book! 

Happy reading,



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