Best books this year so far ...

The first half of the year is almost over. I can't believe how fast the time went... 

So for the half-year mark, I'm making a list (I love lists:)) of 10 best books/series I've read in the past 6 months.

beauty and the best-inspired story set in the high-fantasy world

First year
School for a magic set in a high fantasy world and a girl who has to give it her all to make it through the year

The Devil's Own
devil's daughter afraid of her powers shuts away from the world until she is forced to use'em

The Cloud 
group of teens is sent to the distant universe to save humanity, but the end up in a mysterious place, full of strange and scary things

Starry Eyes
former back friends are abandoned during a camping trip and have to find their way back to civilization and each other

Risking it All
she is set to be a pilot, he is a delinquent force to attend military school - so cute 

Wolves and Roses
werewolves, faeries, and magician living out their lives according to fairytale templates

To Catch a Thief series
fun and quick paced crime/romance series

Dimension Drift series
parallel universes, cool technology, and amazing storyline

The Order of the Senary series
a dark fantasy series follows knight, half vampire, half human hybrids fighting back against vampires that overtook the world

What was your favorite book this year so far?

Happy reading,



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