Not by Chance by J. Bliss || Excerpt

Author J. Bliss

Title Not By Chance
Series Chance #1
Genre adult, romance
Published June 5th, 2017

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Drew Rodd has the desire to escape the shadow of his parents and avoid following in the footsteps of his father and his destructive tendencies. At just twenty-four, Drew is promoted to Executive Director at Rival Tech.
Drew’s way of life involves a constant struggle with his father’s devious intentions and manipulations. He is always seeking to prick and prod Drew to advance and become a pawn to further his own success. Drew is determined to value his hate to get ahead professionally, but the beasts from his past keep lurking.
Jasmine Chance is in her last year of college, a challenge she chose after suffering through physical abuse and leaving home without ever looking back. She has done all she can to carry on toward graduating with her college degree, she believes a brighter future will keep her away from the nightmare that was her childhood.
However, her life changes forever the day she met Drew.

A dinner party draws the two together in an electrifying way. After being preyed upon by their pasts, they stick together closely as a couple once their life circles out of whack. Will their electrifying romance be their saving grace or will it destroy them?

The complete series:


I grab my phone dialing. “Stanley, we are coming out in five.” I hang up the phone and Jasmine walks out in these nice fitting jeans holding a bag and her purse. “Damn, Jasmine. You know I can get through those.”
I reach my hand out to take her bag. “I can carry my bag, Drew. You don’t have enough time to get me out these jeans.”
Why is she so determined to not let me hold this bag? I grab the bag. “Let it go.” She releases her grip. “That’s not so bad, now is it?” She sighs, holding on to her purse. The way that shirt is snuggled up on her breasts has every bit of my attention.
She is looking up shaking her head as if I said something inappropriate. “I guess Drew, it’s just a bag. Get your thoughts situated, I can tell what you are thinking by the look on your face.”
Fuck, she can’t be reading my face. We walk towards the door. I grab her keys off the wall. “I’ll lock up. Stanley is driving so you don’t need your keys.”
She sips in a deep breath. I can tell she wants to be in control. I insert the key locking the door and we walk to the car. Stanley has the door open and she looks up to me saying, “How did you get here?”
“A cab, why?” Her curiosity is growing a bit much more than I expected. Typically, girls don’t ask me anything. Stanley tilts his head taking the bag from me.
Jasmine steps ahead of me. “Thank you, Stanley.”
“You are most welcome, Jasmine.”
Wow, these two are on a first name basis. I smirk as I get in after her. Jasmine looks back at me. “Why did you get a cab? Is something wrong with your car?”
“No. Just relax.” I get a card out from my shirt pocket and pass it to her. She opens it with a girlish smile on her face and reads it aloud.
“I’m going for more than thoughtful.”
She smiles at me. I knew I’d won her heart the way she looked at me. All of this is going too fast, faster than I’d ever imagined. Who am I kidding, this is a feeling I never imagined. She looks at me blushing, and with a magical breath she says, “Always with you.”
Damn, if this is what I feel like hearing her say this I don’t know how love might make me feel like. I pull her in close to me and kiss her. “Hey, keep your hands off we will be at the house in twenty minutes.” She twists her lips up and laughs softly.
Drew acts like he’s meeting my mom. He needs to calm down, Chantal and Victoria will not be on time. I don’t understand his rushing. I can hear his feet pacing in the living room. I start applying my lotion; with only my jewelry to put on, I will be complete. I take one more look at my eye shadow as I face the mirror and shout, “I will be out in a minute, Drew.”
His footsteps sound like they are much closer. “Baby, open the door. I’m sure you are ready. In ten minutes, Rom will be there.”
I look around the bathroom noticing my stuff all around the floor. Why is his bathroom so massive, it’s just one Andrew here. I did enjoy his double sit-down shower though. I begin gathering my stuff.
 “I will be out in a minute. Why will Romel be there twenty minutes before seven?” I pick up my jeans and stuff them in the bag.
Drew takes a deep breath, I can tell he is trying to stay calm, “Jasmine, open the door or...”
I shout from the other side of the door, “Drew, okay I will in a…” I hear the door unlock. Damn, Drew looks delicious in those jeans. “Why did you open the door?”
“Baby. You look beautiful…you do know I can open any door here.” He smirks looking at me. “Including that one between your thighs.”
“Boy, hush, I don’t get it. I told you seven, why are you in a rush?” I walk out of the bathroom and Drew’s eyes are following my every movement.
“Jasmine, seven means be there at seven, not leave at seven. We are late.” I place my bag on his plush king size bed and he follows behind me placing it in a closet. He walks back over to his bed to wipe out the wrinkles. He is such a neat freak.
“Drew, it’s 6:45, the place is around the corner. I know my girls and they will not be there.”
“Sweetheart, it’s not polite to keep people waiting. Have I kept you waiting?” Drew walks up from behind me wrapping his arms around me. I look up at him saying,
“No, you haven’t, Mr. Thoughtful. I’m ready to go.” He picks me up and rushes to the elevator.


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  1. Grab your copies of the Chance Series today, you will not be disappointed!! Learn about the "always thoughtful" things Drew does for Jasmine, and how their relationship turns out from all the drama they go through.


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