Reading Diary: What I Want to Read Next

Last year I started like bazillion series and not finished ANY *facepalm*. This year I'm doing a lot better. :) Not sure if it has to do with the books I'm reading or just different mindset. (I'm worked a lot on falling in love with reading again...).

I really, really, really want to finish Shades of Magic series. I'm currently on book #2 and loving it so much. The start was a bit slow and I thought I'm not going to like, but after like 50 pages I was totally in. :) However, I can't speed read it. It special and I'm savoring every page. :) 
The Raven cycle is one those all-time favorite series, where I read and lover the first book, but never continued on... And the end of the last year I got the entire series as a gift and I'm currently starting to read book #3 Blue Lily, Lily Blue. The series is just getting better with each book. 😍 I loved The Dream Thieves, there was a lot about Ronan and I looove Ronan, there is something about him...💚💚💚 And when BLue figures out who her love is ... *swoon*😭I even started to have Adam a bit less, still not a favorite though. :)

A few months ago I started to read The Order of the Senary series and it was insta love. 😄It's dark (very dark at times) fantasy in a world where vampires are taking over and genetically engineered hybrids- knights are fighting back. Each book follows one of them and I can't wait for the next one... :)

There are also a few super popular book I haven't got to yet and I want to. :) Like Caraval, Warcross, The Trials of Apollo (I've only read the first one :)), Carve the Mark (it's been on my TBR forever :)), Heartless or The Cruel Prince. I heard good things about'em on Booktube, Blogs, and Bookstagram. SO now I just need to move to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and give up on sleeping to have enough time to read'em all. :))

What are some books you want to read next?

Happy reading,


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