The Hand That Holds Me by H. J. Marshall

Author H. J. Marshall
Title The Hand That Holds Me
Series Forever Mine #1 
Genre romance, contemporary
Number of pages 220
Published July 31st, 2018

Rating 💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛

Received from Ink-N-Flow 


Recent college graduate Maddie Johnson has lived a life of love surrounded by her adoptive family yet has always felt lost and abandoned. Isolated from her past, she is fearful of allowing herself to be vulnerable and has kept men at arms’ length. 

Until Lucas Walters.

Making her a job offer that seems too good to be true, Maddie takes a leap of faith and begins to open her heart to the possibility of love and a past that may be more confusing than she ever imagined. 

Lucas Walters became enchanted the first time he laid eyes on Maddie. The reality that love at first sight and soul mates existing has rocked the foundation he built his bachelor lifestyle on. As their relationship grows, the secrets that he is keeping begins to unravel, forcing a confrontation that could destroy the newly formed relationship.

When faced with a past she has run from her entire life, Maddie must now choose whether love is enough to save them or if she allows the buried lies to tear them apart.


I started reading the series with the 3rd book and I'm just now jumping to the first one. While I enjoyed the very sweet romance, I didn't like it as much as The Soul That Redeems Me. 

Maddie just finished college and is looking for a job. She spent most of her life hating her dad and feeling abandoned even though she was adopted by a loving family. Her father has his reasons for abandoning her and her mother and spend a lot of time looking for her. 

Maddie doesn't let anyone close to her, especially men, however that all changes when she meets Lucas. As their connection grows secrets come out. 

While the storyline is very sweet and very enjoyable, I didn't like the dialogs. Most of the time when characters talked, it felt unnatural and threw me out of the story a bit. There was a lot of unnecessary explanation. Comparing the first and the third one, there is a huge improvement in writing dialogs. So that's a huge plus. :)

My favorite part was the characters, especially Maddie and Lucas, they are very fleshed out and definitely not perfect. :)

Happy reading,

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