Songs for Cricket by Terri E. Laine

Author Terri E. Laine
Title Songs for Cricket
Genre romance, na
Number of pages 300
Published February 19th, 2019 by Everafter Romance

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛

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She’s his best friend’s little sister and off limits.
College freshman, Finley Farrow, has two fairly ambitious goals this school year: make the football team and get over Shepard Connelly. The gorgeous football player with the magnificent voice would one day be a star on or off the field. But he’ll never see her as more than his best friend’s sister. Now her eye is on the end zone. Making the team could turn out to be the easy part. Practicing with Shepard every day while ignoring her feelings? The real challenge.
Shepard hasn’t had it easy like the Farrows. He won his ticket to the prestigious Layton University through football. Yet his passion lies in music. His killer smile can get him almost any girl he wants, except the one he can’t have. Everything he’s wanted to say to her is channeled into his soul-wrenching lyrics. But he’s been sitting on the sideline far too long and it’s time to make a move before the team’s starting quarterback wins her heart.
A life-altering accusation could fumble everything for him. Most importantly, his big play for the only girl he’s ever wanted.

Family, friendship, and love bind them together. Secrets, lies, and rules keep them apart.

Finley and her brothers and his brother's best friends are starting college and living together. Finley always dreamed of playing football but was never allowed. Now that she is away from home, she can finally try out and do what she always wanted. She likes Shepard but feels like that could never happen. He is always surrounded by girls and her brother is crazy overprotective.

Shepard lived with her family, because of a bad situation at home. He got into college on a football scholarship, but his passion lies in music. And likes Finley, a lot.

It such a sweet romance - I love that whole falling for your brother's best friends thing. :) And the writing is so addicting, you can't stop once you start. The story gets better with each chapter. The start was a bit slow, for me, but it gets a lot better. :))

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