Prince of Midnight by Ana Calin

Author Ana Calin
Title Prince of Midnight
Series Dracula's Bloodline #1
Genre paranormal, romance, adult
Number of pages 173
Published December 19th, 2018

Rating 💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛

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Let me tell you a secret – Dracula had a brother. This is true. They called him Radu the Handsome, but his beauty was deceiving, and it hid a deadly secret...
With high ambitions as a journalist, Juliet Jochs travels to the Carpathians to investigate a mysterious and unnaturally beautiful prince. She suspects that he’s a dangerous man and that this mission may cost her life. But, as the prince’s masks begin to peel off, she fears she may lose her sanity. 

Prince Radek’s dark powers suck Juliet into a whirl of hypnotic desire–no woman has ever resisted his lures. But something is different about her, special, and he’s growing dangerously addicted to her. She must keep her head above the water if she is to save herself, run away and not look back before he consumes her completely. But can she resist opening the last door to his most terrible secret?


I'm a sucked for interesting and new mythologies vowed into the stories, especially if is something new, something I haven't heard about before. Recently I've been really into Romanian folklore. I love that there was so much of that in the Prince of Midnight. Is such an interesting take on the known story and I loved reading it.

Dracula has a brother. Both went thought horrible rituals when little kids. Their father wanted them to transform into something out of ordinary-immortals. The ritual was successful and they both became monsters, but of a different kind. 

Radek is very powerful and good looking, till the night when he transforms into a monster. Similarly to his brother, he has to feed as well, only not through blood. He takes women, feeds from them and let them go. Always the same, until he encounters Juliet. She is a journalist who captures his attention at the press conference. She comes to his home, to investigate him, but fall under his spell. It soon reveals itself that she is no so ordinary herself and might be the only thing that can cure him.

I love mythology and Radek. He is a very interesting character, he both light and dark. Two aspects of him in constant battle. My least favorite part of the book was Juliet. Granted that she was under his spell most of the time, she was just so... passive. I wish she had more backbone, or be more assertive

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