Perceive by Andrea Pearson

Author Andrea Pearson
Title Perceive
Series Mosaic Chronicles #3
Published July 22nd, 2015
Genre fantasy, magic
Number of pages 256

Rating 💚💚💚💚💚

Perceive is the 3rd book in the Mosaic series. It's time for Nicole to travel to Moses lakes and work on her wind magic, to learn how to channel better. She leaves her friends behind and moves to the mansion for few weeks. Where she realizes that her stay has more to do with a book that keeps following her, than her magic. There is a mystery to be solved and lives to be saved.

What I like and dislike about the book (series) is the pace. I love that there is non stop action, the story is never dull and characters barely have time to breathe before falling into the next adventure, it0s exciting to read and follow along. At the same time, I wished the story would slow down at times, give me more time (and words to absorb what is going on, see the effect of characters and learn more about the world surrounding it).

Happy reading,


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