Frontline by Z. H. Brown

Author Z. H. Brown
Title Frontline
Genre sci-fi

Rating 💚💚💚💚

Received from the Author

I was pleasantly surprised when reading the book, such a good story! Full of aliens, fighting, superpowers and all kind of awesomeness. :)

Emperor is taking over planets, one by one, but always give a choice- best fighter of that planet has to battle him one on one, if he wins, he takes over the planet and if not he leaves them alone. It's only the start of the really epic story :) It's one those book you have to take your time to read, to fully absorb it. It's very complex, very imaginative and very cool to read. :) You are pulled right into the center of action from the start.

Because of the vastness of the story, I was a bit lost at the start of the novel. Lots of characters and lots going on. But after a few chapters, it starts to get amazing. :)  

It would make an amazing movie! 

Perfect for sci-fi fans!

Happy reading,

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